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Welcome to Coach Cola Fitness, your ultimate destination for all things jumprope! Whether you're a beginner looking to jump right in or a seasoned pro seeking new challenges, I've got you covered.  Get ready to jump, skip, and sweat your way to a healther, happier you.


Jumpstart Your Fitness with Our Services



Master the Art of Jumping! Unlock your potential with our intensive skills training program. Learn the mesmerizing footwork, perfect your rope swings, and showcase jaw-dropping tricks using the COACHCOLA Beaded rope.


Elevate Your Fitness: Double Dutch Aerobics

Jump, Sweat, and Get Fit! Join our energetic Double Dutch Aerobics classes for an exhilarating cardio and coordination workout.  From beginners to Chicago Double Dutch enthusiasts, we've got you covered. This is your chance to take your fitness to new heights.


Energize Your Events:
Interactive Performances & Health Fairs

Bring the Excitement to Your Events! Unforgettable interactive performances and health fair sessions for schools, community events, and more.  We Inspire, entertain, and promote fitness.  Whether it is a demonstration, a workshop or a performance, we'll elevate the spirit of your event.

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